Coming Soon to the Academy - Raising SmART KidsIf you’re a parent looking for ways to raise a smarter, more confident kid, look no further than the Raising smART kids Podcast with Academy Founder/Director, Yong Pratt.

Each week Yong will share insights into discovering your child’s unique genius, using the arts to propel your child’s learning, and why the arts are more important for you child today than ever before.  

Did you know that the arts is the ONLY medium that can propel kids to achieve more success in school and in life, no matter how your child learns best?

Through expert interviews with leading artists, educators, and entrepreneurs along with solo episodes backed by years of research, you’ll be guided on this parenting adventure we call, Raising smART Kids!  

The Raising smART Kids Podcast launches late January/early February 2016.