Elko Arts Academy story


Joy.  Confidence.  Freedom.  Critical thinking.  Expressiveness.  Creativity.  Engagement.  Purpose. Superpowers.

Every day, I see these dynamic qualities emerging in our students.  My name it Yong Pratt, owner of the Academy, and I want to share our story with you.

After graduating from the University of Reno and completing an 18-month tour of North America and Europe with Up With People, I returned to Elko. 

Within months of unpacking my suitcase, I felt that something important was missing in my life.  I needed to do more, to be part of something bigger than me, and most of all, I longed to return to dance.  To me dance was the one place that I could express myself wholly and be true to my authentic self.  

I discovered quickly that opportunities for adults in dance were non-existent in our community.  I began offering dance classes at Great Basin College and found my true calling – teaching.  Soon after, with encouragement from my family, friends, and GBC students, I opened the doors to Elko Arts Academy, formerly Perpetual Motion, in 2001.

While the Academy began as a dance school 16 years ago, we now offer an array of arts including music and art smart parenting classes. What I have discovered along the way is that dance is not the path for everyone, learning is certainly not one size fits all, and my personal mission is to unleash each student’s unique “superpower.”

Every day, I have the distinct privilege of witnessing the incredible power the arts provide in our students’ lives. To see the joy in a young dancers eyes as she leaps across the floor uninhibited; to watch the complete transformation from a shy child to a confident performer; or to witness our teachers fostering the next generation of leaders are reasons why we continue to create opportunities in the arts.

I am truly blessed to be living a life rich in the arts.  I would be honored to be part of your transformative journey of unleashing your chid’s superpowers to help you raise a smart kid through the arts!

See you soon!

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