New Series Classes
superhero wheel - Elko Arts AcademyOur Mission: Helping parents raise smart kids through the arts.

Our NEW Series Level classes are designed to meet the cognitive and physical developmental levels of each age group.  We know that learning isn’t one size fits all and that each child possess their own genius or “super power.”  Each level embodies the stages of development often seen at those ages.  While learning is individually based, children will move naturally through our Series with growing grace, skills, and confidence.  Let us help you discover YOUR child’s SUPER POWER to help you raise smarter kid through the arts!

Grow & Learn Series (Ages 1-4 with an adult)
So much growth and learning is happening for 2-4 year olds!  Not only are their bodies growing quickly so are their minds.  Our Grow & Learn Series of classes are designed specifically for 2-4 year olds to learn together with a parent or other adult.  Check out our classes:

View Summer classes for 1-6 year olds  View ges 3 and under (school year)  View 2-4 year old classes (school year)

Building Blocks Series (Ages 3-4)
Three to four year olds are learning skills that build upon their previous knowledge and experiences.  They are learning how their bodies move, are eager to add more skills, testing out their own limits, and have a growing appreciation for independence.  Our Building Block Series of classes is designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of 3-4 year olds.  We are looking forward to building lots of lasting skills and memories  3-4 year olds (school year)

Exploration Series
Between the ages of 5 and 6, children are the ultimate explorers.  Not only are they exploring their physical and mental limits, they are also exploring the world around them and how they fit into the big world.  Our Exploration Series of classes is all about celebrating this desire to explore and fostering a love of the arts through guided skills and exercises. View 5-6 year old classes (school year)  View Summer 2015 Classes for 5-6 year olds

Discovery Series
Discovering ones likes and dislikes as well as personal capabilities is the name of the game for 7 to 10 year olds.  During these formative years, growing bodies and minds are primed for technical dance development.  Our Discovery Series of Classes incorporates 7-10 year olds’ natural eagerness to learn along with their increasing technique to make learning exciting and interactive.  View Classes for 7-10 year olds (school year)  Summer 2015 Classes for 7-10 year olds

Mastery Series
In late elementary and early middle school, children experience a period of tremendous intellectual, social-emotional, and physical growth. Choosing the arts over an increasing number of extracurricular activities means that students progress into mastery mode – a time when skill development and execution becomes increasingly important.  Our Mastery Series of classes is designed to facilitate skill development which leads to mastery of their chosen art form. View Summer Classes for Teens  View classes for 11 year olds to adult (school year)

Leadership Series
While mastery of skills and technique will always be part of our curriculum, we believe some of the most important work we do with our students is preparing them to become great leaders.  In our Leadership Series of classes, we encourage students to take on leadership roles in class and as Teaching Assistants.  Teaching Assistantships not only foster emerging leadership skills they also put the skills of our TA’s to the ultimate test.  The ability to demonstrate and guide others through the process of learning dance or any of the performing arts offered at the Academy exemplifies a solid foundation in dance and leadership – skills that can be carried through life and be utilized every day.  Come Grow With Us!

Come grow with us!  It would be our honor to help you raise smart kids through the arts!