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At Elko Academy of the Arts, we believe dance is an expressive art.  All students are encouraged to challenge themselves and develop their own natural abilities.  The study of dance not only fosters a love for movement, music and art, but also cultivates memory, concentration, social skills, coordination and sensory awareness.  Don’t let your dreams of dancing go unassisted.  Let us help you in reaching your dance goals today!


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Dance Class Descriptions What to wear to dance classesElko Arts Dance Teams

Why Choose The Academy For Your Dance Classes?

  • Small class guarantee 
    • class size max of 8 for ages 2.5-6 years olds with ONE teacher OR 12 with a Teacher & Teaching Assistant
    • class size max of 15 for all other ages OR 18 with a Teacher & Teaching Assistant
  • Modesty promise (costumes, movements, staff dress, music choices)
  • Curriculum encourages creativity along with problem-solving skills and meets the cognitive and physical development needs of each age group
  • Yearly dance syllabus testing to ensure your child is progressing consistently
  • Unlimited make up lessons by attending any group class – Get your FULL tuition value
  • Schedule multiple children to come at the same time
  • State of the art, professional dance flooring and tumbling mats
  • Parent Observation via Closed Circuit TV ALWAYS open 
  • Individual skill sheet for personalized skill progression
  • Comfortable parent waiting area with FREE Wi-Fi Internet access

Have questions about dance classes at Elko Arts Academy?  Check out our FAQs

Taking lessons in a professionally designed dance studio will make all the difference for your child.  Two of our dance studios have hardwood floors covered with a special high-density Marley flooring–the gold standard in dance flooring worldwide. Our third classroom has a dense foam floor perfect for modern dance as well as tumbling, and karate.  In addition we have wall-mounted adjustable and dual-height ballet barres and over 110 feet of mirrors.  We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our school has become Elko’s premiere location for dance education.  Students often travel from Carlin, Spring Creek, Wells, and even Battle Mountain, NV each week to study with our teachers.

Elko Arts Academy offers both competitive and non-competitive dance options.  For Dance Class Descriptions, information on What to wear to Dance Class, or our Dance Teams (both competitive and non), click the following buttons:

Dance Class Descriptions What to wear to dance classesElko Arts Dance Teams

Dance Program Features

Long gone are the days when physical education and arts classes were part of your child’s everyday life.  At the Academy, we believe that every child needs physical activity – activities that motivate, inspire creativity, build strong brains and bodies, and cultivate confidence.  And most importantly, these activities should be fun!  

The Academy offers classes designed to get kids moving and encourages them to discover and refine their natural talents.  The skills we teach at the Academy are not limited to performing arts skills and techniques.  Our performing arts classes encourage kids to engage their critical thinking and problem-solving skills effectively (skills that are not often utilized efficiently during a typical school day), develop friendships, and self-esteem.

No matter whether your child’s ambitions in the arts are recreational or professional, we will encourage him to reach his full potential.  Your child will need your love, support, and consistency throughout their arts journey.  We are here to help you raise smart kids through the arts.  Please let us know if we can support you in any way.

Parent Viewing
Parent involvement is very important to us. All of our classrooms can be viewed via live TV monitors in our waiting area. Parent viewing is ALWAYS open.  

We want our Academy kids to always strive for progression. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as parent days, individualized showcase posters, and even a participation medal at the June Concert

Not only do our teachers dress modestly, they teach using music with conservative lyrics in all classes.  Show costumes are selected with Modesty in mind – you won’t find any bare midsections on any of our performers!

December & June Shows
We know our Academy families are extremely busy, yet want their child to have the opportunity to perform for family and friends. Our dancers have the opportunity to perform on stage three times during the season – once in December at the Festival of Trees and twice at our year-end concert in June. All performances are optional, however, the majority of our students choose to participate.  In addition, you will be invited to special parent events throughout the season to watch what your child and applaud what he or she has learned.

Small Class Size
We keep our class sizes smaller than other studios because we believe in individual attention. We have individual goal sheets to track your child’s progress to ensure they are progressing quickly. We want your child to have the very best educational experience.

Make Ups
Not only do we allow make ups, but we allow you to make up your missed dance class in ANY class. Maybe try hip-hop, tumbling, karate, or acting! Get your full tuition value.

Exceptional Facility
Two our dance studios have professional Marley flooring – the Gold Standard in Dance.  Marley is a dense vinyl flooring that absorbs shock and prevents slippage – keeping our dancers safe and protecting their joints.  Our third studio has a dense foam flooring to provide added support and protection for our karate, tumbling, and dance students.

Class Options

Need Help Choosing The Right Dance Class?  

We know if can sometimes be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right dance class for you or your child.

If you are still aren’t sure which style is the most suitable for you or your child after reading the dance class descriptions below, feel free to stop in and check out our classes. We have closed circuit TV so class observation is ALWAYS open.  We encourage you to attend a TRIAL class before registering.  PLEASE NOTE: All Monday group classes will be 5 minutes longer in length each week to make up for Monday holiday closures.

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New Series Classes
Elko Arts Academy Learning WheelOur NEW Series Level classes are designed to meet the cognitive and physical developmental levels of each age group.  Each level embodies the stages of development often seen at those ages.  While learning is individually based, children will move naturally through our Series with growing grace, skills, and confidence.

Grow & Learn Series (Ages 2-4 with an adult)
So much growth and learning is happening for 2-4 year olds!  Not only are their bodies growing quickly so are their minds.  Our Grow & Learn Series of classes are designed specifically for 2-4 year olds to learn together with a parent or other adult.

Building Blocks Series (Ages 3-4)
Three to four year olds are learning skills that build upon their previous knowledge and experiences.  They are learning how their bodies move, are eager to add more skills, testing out their own limits, and have a growing appreciation for independence.  Our Building Block Series of classes is designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of 3-4 year olds.  We are looking forward to building lots of lasting skills and memories

Exploration Series
Between the ages of 5 and 6, children are the ultimate explorers.  Not only are they exploring their physical and mental limits, they are also exploring the world around them and how they fit into the big world.  Our Exploration Series of classes is all about celebrating this desire to explore and fostering a love of the arts through guided skills and exercises.

Discovery Series
Discovering ones likes and dislikes as well as personal capabilities is the name of the game for 7 to 10 year olds.  During these formative years, growing bodies and minds are primed for technical dance development.  Our Discovery Series of Classes incorporates 7-10 year olds’ natural eagerness to learn along with their increasing technique to make learning exciting and interactive.

Mastery Series
In late elementary and early middle school, children experience a period of tremendous intellectual, social-emotional, and physical growth. Choosing the arts over an increasing number of extracurricular activities means that students progress into mastery mode – a time when skill development and execution becomes increasingly important.  Our Mastery Series of classes is designed to facilitate skill development which leads to mastery of their chosen art form.

Leadership Series
While mastery of skills and technique will always be part of our curriculum, we believe some of the most important work we do with our students is preparing them to become great leaders.  In our Leadership Series of classes, we encourage students to take on leadership roles in class and as Teaching Assistants.  Teaching Assistantships not only foster emerging leadership skills they also put the skills of our TA’s to the ultimate test.  The ability to demonstrate and guide others through the process of learning dance or any of the performing arts offered at the Academy exemplifies a solid foundation in dance and leadership – skills that can be carried through life and be utilized every day.  

Come grow with us!  It would be our honor to help you raise smart kids through the arts! 

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