Episode 085 – Managing Expectations in the Arts

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In this episode Yong will be talking about tips on how to manage expectations.

  • Managing expectation – What to expect on the first day?
  • Couple of tips to helps manage your expectations about participation in certain activity
  • Number 1 Tip
  • Understanding the environment of competition.
  • Considering commitment.
  • Understanding what the expectation is, of you as a parent with that organization.

If you have question about this episode please let us know through www.artsmartparenting.com

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Episode 084 – The Art of Reading with Dr. Marnie Ginsberg

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In this episode Marnie Ginsberg will take us a leap on how our kids will get the interest in learning the art of reading.

  • How is your program makes reading simple and efficient?
  • What is the best way we can introduce our kids when they are little?
  • Where can we start to help pick our kids and move them forward specially when they are older?
  • How can we teach our older kids to keep that interest and help them continue in reading?
  • How do we understand ...
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Episode 083 – Back to School Success Tips

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In this episode yong will be talking about Back to school routine and how the arts can help with that transition.

  • Yong’s journey into her performing arts school and the arts
  • Your important role as a listener
  • Couple of tips how you can approach your kids back to school
  • First Trip — Make a sleep schedule
  • Second Tip — Attended kids orientation and open houses
  • Third Tip — Went to school shopping
  • Final Tip — Gearing up for after school activity

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Episode 082 – A Journey to Aim and Reclaim with Sandy Mangis

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In this episode Sandy Mangis will be talking about the importance of parenting and making our kids confident in facing the world.

  • Importance of parenting
  • Creating something for our kids to get them motivated.
  • What is the way to make kids idea get to work.
  • What is the importance of the education for our kids?
  • Teaching kids to contribute in the community.

The best way to connect with Sandy at www.sandymangis.com/ and connect with her through Facebook www.facebook.com/Sandy.Mangis

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Episode 081 – Back to School with the Arts

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In this episode Yong will be talking about back to school activities with the Arts.

Grab a copy of the book Raising A Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child’s 8 Super Powers and Propel Learning Through the Arts

  • Have you chosen activities after school for your kids?. . .
  • Why choosing arts activities after school?

Listen to the previous episode on Alicia Jonas Episode 079 – Dance Lessons = Business Lessons

  • Things you should consider in engaging your kids into activities.
  • Teachings from ...
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