Podcast Kids is OPEN for Enrollment!

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Last week on the podcast and on FB Live, I shared with you that we’ll be offering a new line our course focused on equipping kids with marketable skills based around technology. Our new line of offerings is called “Intentional Technology.”


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Why Arts & Technology?


Starting in mid-November, I’ll be combining my passion for the arts, my love of technology, and 20 years of mentoring kids and ...

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Episode 090 – Intentional Technology

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In this episode Yong will be introducing to us a new program that will enhance your child’s lifeskill in the future.

  • What if your kids could learn marketable skills? To help them earn their own money.
  • What if their was a way to connect with technology, to help our kids connect with the world in a grandeur fulfilling way?
  • Incorporating intentional technology classes to the academy.
  • What to expect in the new exciting seasons of podcast?
  • What if your kids could earn Money and could ...
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Episode 089 – Shame Proof Parenting with Mercedes Samudio

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In this episode Mercedes Samudio a parent coach will be talking about Shame-Proofing Parenting.

  • Tell me how you got to where you are today?
  • What are some ways that can help parents to get pass thee feeling of pressure at the beginning go school year?
  • What are your thoughts about in incorporating the arts?
  • Learning the skill they need to go to college, get a job and having a heart to serve the community.
  • How is significant is homeschooling?
  • What is your advice to parents for ...
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Episode 088 – Two Podcasts for School Success

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In this Episode Yong will be talking about ways on how to teach your kids make story and be active in reading

Visit their website to know more about their 2nd Annual “Kids Music Day” kidsmusicday.org

Upload your music video at our Facebook www.facebook.com/ElkoArtsAcademy

3:10] Assessing your kids progress, Are your kids experiencing some successes?, are they face some struggles?

Reach out to Judy Tsuei through their website at www.wildheartedwords.com/ and visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/wildheartedwords/

Listen to the previous ...

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Episode 087 Celebrating the 2nd Annual Kids Music Day with Vincent James

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In this week’s episode, Vincent Jame will be talking about the benefits of Music in kids daily activity.

  • Big event of Vincent this October.
  • How do you help kids in the academic arena
  • If there are listeners who don’t have musical instrument, what would you suggest to them in their musical journey.
  • Importance of finding a music teacher.

Visit their website to know more about their 2nd Annual “Kids Music Day” at their website kidsmusicday.org

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