Episode 076 – Learning Life Skills in the Kitchen

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On today’s podcast, we’re continuing our series on arts activities you can enjoy with your kids this summer and beyond along with the benefits of each art form.

Yong’s journey in learning her life skills in the kitchen

  • 9 Benefits of cooking with your kids
  • 1st Benefit: Communication – open dialogue when cooking
  • 2nd Benefit: Comprehension – reading and interpreting recipes
  • 3rd Benefit: Math Skills – measuring
  • 4th Benefit :Science skills – cooking is an experiment after all!
  • 5th Benefit: Nutrition – healthy versus non-healthy
  • 6th Benefit: Health ...
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Episode 075 – Benefits of Coloring for the Whole Family

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In this episode Yong will be talking about benefits of coloring.

Listen to the previous episode of podcast about Creativity and Flow

  • Benefits of coloring
  • Benefits of coloring for kids
  • Coloring helps them with their spacial awareness
  • Coloring helps control the fight-or-flight response
  • Coloring engages both parts of the brain
  • Intellectual benefits of coloring
  • Coloring can be done by anybody
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Episode 074 – Creativity and Flow

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In Today’s episode Yong will be talking about creativity and flow

Creativity, flow, parenting, summer, arts, fun

“When we are involved in (creativity), we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life,”

  • Creativity and Flow; what exactly is Flow?
  • Have you experienced that state of flow?
  • Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi first described this phenomenon as flow:

Listen to the TED talk in 2004 Csikszentmihalyi www.ted.com

  •  First benefit: Engaging in creative activities
  • Second benefit: Acts as a natural anti-depressant
  • Third Benefit: Protect against aging

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Episode 073 – Happy summer solstice!

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In this episode Yong will be discussing 7 arts and learning activities you can do to commemorate the solstice.

  • What is the meaning of Solstice?
  • Activity number 1: Dance around a maple.
  • Activity number 2: Create a protective garland to wore off evil spirits
  • Activity number 3: Create a flower leaf garland…
  • Activity number 4: Create a sundial
  • Activity number 5: Creating sunburst pattern using yarn
  • Activity number 6: Make a hummingbird feeder
  • Activity number 7: Create a bon fire

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Episode 072 – Episodes to Fuel Your Summer

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In this episode Yong will talking about summer break activities that is beneficial for you and your kids.

  • Celebration of the sixteen year of running the performing arts studio.

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