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4 Tips to Choosing A Dance School...

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"We don't teach kids to be great performing artists, we teach the performing

arts to make great kids." - Yong Pratt

We believe dance is an expressive art and builds stronger bodies and brains...

Imagine your child achieving his or her best, gaining confidence, being part of a community that encourages leadership and service, and being mentored by teachers that inspire excellence. Your child's unique gifts and Super Power are waiting to be Unleashed!

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Dance Classes at the Academy

parent involvement at Elko Arts Academy

Parent Involement

Your child will need your unconditional love, suppport, and consistency in getting to classes throughout his or her arts journey.

Like all great endeavors, learning dance is not a race and cannot be acocomlished overnight, despite what it may look like on TV.

While the journey may not always be an easy one, the lessons your child will learn through dance such as confidence, teamwork, perseverence, leadership, and service, will be carried throughout life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

modesty guarantee at the Academy, dance classes, Elko, NV, Spring Creek, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, acrobatic arts

Modesty Guarantee

Kids should be kids (not miniature adults) in dance classes and on stage. From modest teacher and student dress codes to convervative music, you have our no bare midsection or plunging neckline guarantee.

After all, every member of your family should feel comfortable watching our dancers in class and on the stage.

Our Core Values

Our Story

Elko Dance Classes, Spring Creek Dance Classes, ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, acrobatic arts

Size Matters

The size of a class matters when learning dance. Imagine your child in a small class where he or she can be nurtured by a loving teacher and given the personal attention needed for growth. 

Now add on individual goals sheets and skills testing for every student to measure progress and what do you get? Dance education at the Academy...

Experience 15 years in the making

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Marley floors at Elko Arts Academy - Dance Classes

Exceptional Facilities

Safety in a dance class begins with flooring. It's importatnt that even our youngest dancers are on floors built for dance as not just any ordinary surface will do.

Each of our dance classrooms is equipped with a subfloor (floating or foam) topped by Marley - the Gold standard in dance that found in quatity schools across the globe.

Marley is a dense vinyl flooring that absorbs shock and prevents slippage which keeps dancers safe and protects growing bodies. 

I love dancing at Academy of the Arts, Elko Arts Academy

Make Up Lessons

We understand that life happens and your child may occasionally miss his or her weekly dance classes.

Your child is invited to make up his or her missed class in any style for that age group.

Missed ballet class this week and the other classes don't fit your schedule? No worries.

Schedule a make up class in karate, acro, or music history for the same age group.

Get your full tuition value. 

Dance Classes at Elko Arts Academy

Dance Styles

Not every dance style is a good fit for every kid. Variety is the name of the game at the Academy and we have styles to suit different needs, personalities, and goals.

Ballet is recommended for all students as its skills form the basis for all other dance styles. Keep in mind that finding the right style that suits your kids personality may take some trial and error. 

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Dance Class Descriptions

What to Wear

Group and Private Dance Classes available at the Academy

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Preschool Dance
  • Modern
  • Tap
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz 
  • Hip-Hop
  • Acrobatic Arts


What Our Families Think

"My daughter loves Jazz/Hip-Hop and Ballet classes. She looks forward to going to class and meeting new friends. The instructors are exceptional at what they do. Love Elko Arts, thank you for providing my daughter with an experience that has been both stimulating and joyful!" Rebecca Hackworth

Rebecca Hackworth

Both of my daughters have attended a variety of classes at Elko Arts Academy, inluding acting, 3 yr old pre-ballet up to pointe and jazz/hip-hop spanning over 12 years. I find Yong and staff to be highly talented and progressive. My daughters love their experiece with EAA and couldn't imagine learning the arts from any other company! They are hand down- the BEST!

Chris Ripley

Elko Arts teaches more then just dance or karate or music they teach our children confidence, team work, community. It's a very positive, rewarding and challenging place for my daughter to grow. 

 Yvette Sutton

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