Raising smARTer Kids Through the Arts...

If your child's unique talents and strenghts go unrecognized at school or is struggling academically or socially, the arts can help you unleash their potential. Find out how by clicking the button below and requesting 2 FREE chapters of Raising A Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child's 8 Super Powers and Propel Learning Through the Arts.

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Every child's gifts are unique and should be celebrated...

We believe every child has Super Powers...

We believe that every student that comes through our doors is a genius!  Each has an amazing SUPER POWER (or intelligence) and it’s through the arts these super powers can be unleashed.  Whether your child learns best through kinesthetically (through movement), visually, or mathematically, the arts can help to nurture and develop that SUPER POWER.  Together we can raise kids that are armed with the skills to be successful today and become the leaders of tomorrow!

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About the Academy

About the Academy

Find out what we believe, what we do, why we opened, how we can help you raise smarter kids through the arts, and whether we are a good fit for you family.

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Success Stories

Our teachers are a passionate bunch and want your child to succeed.
Find out what parents just like you have discovered at the Academy and how their kids have benefitted.
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Our Location

The Academy is located on the corner of Silver and 7th Streets in Downtown Elko.

Enter through the double doors towards the back of the building on 7th Street.

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Raising smART Kids 2.0

On the go learning for parents -
Weekly audio interviews with top Artists, Educators, Entrepreneurs and solocasts offering tips, tricks, and ideas to help you raise smarter kids through the arts.

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Raising A Superhero Book

Actionable Steps to Identify your Child's Super Powers, how to encourage and celebrate them, and how to speak to your child's teacher.  It’s time to unlock and unleash your child’s Super Powers and begin raising a Superhero starting today....[Find out More]

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Classes at the Academy

At the Academy, students of all ages are inspired to Be More - Do More - Give More. 

Imagine your child growing in confidence and competence , growing as an artist each week under the mentorship of positive role models.

Classes at the Academy are More Than Just Great Dancing.  Older students mentor younger students in our Leadership Track
and all students are a part of a team of friends where everyone strives to be
the best they can be. 

Dance Classes
Music Lessons
Kyokushin Karate
Acrobatic Arts

Group Lessons - Private Lessons at the Academy

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Dreaming of a Raising a Superhero?

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